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I am a 25 year old musician/support guy who likes a lot of different stuff. Some of that stuff can be found here.

The Re-Brand: Thanksgivingtaking

by Adam L.

In society today, we’re thankful for nothing, 

except the new iPhone or something or something,

and something is nothing in this twisted divide, where layers and layers


but don’t hide,

the reality we’re in…

but which we think that we can’t be,

so we fool ourselves, 

with tv

and candy,

sex and false being,

and fear and lies,

which keep us from seeing,

the truth in this life.

This life…

what a tangled insanity we live!

Where we’re thankful for everything, one day a year,

and the very next day, we tear each other for gear,

and false promises…

with confidence massively shaking,

we might as well re-brand,

next year,

it’s happy



Photos by Aneta Ivanova

Double exposure portraits of cities shot in Germany. - See more at:

(via paintmyworldrainbow)